It's About Time!

Posted by Dan Klima on

Truly. I've been wanting and needing to create a website for my art and my business for literally decades. I've been paying for website space for nearly that long. So, it's about time.

During the many years of thinking about content, perusing sites to get an idea of what mine should have or not have, the look and feel, etc., I was basically paralyzed by the volume of stuff out there, the volume of stuff to think about, and the volume of stuff to do to make it all happen. So what changed?

I've been adding various products to sell for woodturning and woodworking over many years. These of course are in addition to the actual wood turnings I create as product for the shows that my wife and I do throughout the year. (I will speak as to what my wife creates in a later blog post.) My first line of products was from Penn State Industries. So I carry a number of their pen kits and small project kits, pen blanks, various finishes, and a variety of tools and accessories for woodturners. I've sold their products for many years.

Other product lines that I have added fairly recently are the line of Stick Fast CA glues, Hold Fast vacuum chucking systems, and some sharpening supplies for woodcarvers from Wood Is Good. (Wood Is Good will be discussed in another blog. I've been doing some interesting stuff for them.)

And lastly, (this being the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak) I brought on the products from Hampshire Sheen and the Intrinsic Colour Collection. Yes, note the spelling of color. These products are created in England. So I am now the third authorized US importer of this product line. And as such, I needed to have a website capable of selling said products. Thus the website.

Since this seems to be a bit of an introduction of sorts, my name is Dan Klima and I own The Wooden Products Company. My sincere hope is to serve you, the customer, in a way that I would want to be served. So thank you for stopping by and I hope you stay along for the ride.

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